Illuminating Possibilities: Ledia Lighting’s LED Solutions for Distributors and Agents

In the ever-evolving world of lighting solutions, Ledia Lighting has been a trusted name for over 15 years, specializing in LED linear lighting. With a wide range of products, including LED bare board strip lights, PVC/silicone strip lights, cabinet lights, and other lighting fixtures, Ledia Lighting has become a growing force, among LED light suppliers, in the industry. Their LED linear lights have earned certifications both at home and abroad, making them a popular choice worldwide.

Under Cabinet Lighting

Ledia Lighting understands the importance of under cabinet lighting in various settings, which is why they offer a range of fixture types, including puck, tape, and rope lights. Among these, under cabinet lighting strips are the most common choice. These LED cabinet lighting strips can be easily attached beneath cabinets, illuminating cooking spaces or emphasizing desired artwork. The versatility of under cabinet lighting extends beyond the kitchen, finding applications in bedrooms, canteens, living rooms, and serving as an essential component of modern indoor house decoration.


When it comes to efficiency, Ledia Lighting’s under cabinet lighting strips outshine traditional ceiling lighting options. These LED strips consume lower power while providing ample illumination, making them a practical and energy-saving choice. To measure efficiency, one can refer to the wattage and lumens mentioned on the packaging. The ratio of lumens to watts indicates the efficiency of the lighting solution: Lumens/watts = efficiency. For task lighting, a range of 200-500 lumens per foot is recommended, while mood lighting typically falls within the range of 80-200 lumens per foot.


Ledia Lighting’s LED solutions have established a strong reputation for their quality, versatility, and efficiency. Their LED linear lights, including cabinet lighting strips, provide distributors and agents with an extensive range of options to meet the diverse needs of their you . From task lighting to accent lighting, Ledia Lighting’s solutions offer the perfect balance of brightness, energy efficiency, and ambiance creation.

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