How to Read Asian Football Odds Simply, Players Need to Understand Clearly

How to read Nhà cái Hi88 Asian football odds is not too difficult and is also a skill that any player must understand when participating in betting. This form of betting is commonly used in football matches and bookmakers offer many different odds. Therefore, bettors who want to be sure of winning should immediately refer to the detailed instructions in the following article!

What is Asian football odds?

Asian Handicap, also known as Handicap or Handicap, is an extremely popular form of betting in soccer betting. Simply put, the team that is considered stronger will handicap the weaker team at a certain ratio to balance the match.

Learn about Asian handicap

In particular, this form of bet is also divided into many different types, for example: Handicap on the ball, handicap on half the goal, handicap on the left and half,… Compared to other types of bets, handicap bets are considered to be more powerful. more attractive, more diverse and easily meets the needs of players. Therefore, how to read HI88 Asian football odds is definitely information that any bettor must master.

Why is it necessary to know how to read Asian football odds?

Reading odds is considered a basic and very important skill for players when participating in soccer betting because:

  • Handicap bets have more diverse odds but different odds, bettors must know how to read correctly to participate and know the winning or losing results.
  • How to read Asian football odds helps bettors determine the appropriate format and has a high chance of winning if they participate.
  • Mastering how to read odds is also important data for players to recognize and stay away from the traps set by the house.

Benefits of knowing how to read Asian football odds

How to read popular Asian football odds for Newbie

As mentioned, Asian soccer odds have many handicaps to create fair matches for players to choose from. Next, let’s learn how to read some basic odds to have a successful betting season:
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Accept the ball

This form of betting is also known as a draw bet with a handicap of 0, meaning that the upper and lower teams are equal in talent. How to read handicap bets is not too difficult when there are only 2 cases as follows:

  • The upper team wins: The player bets on the upper team to win enough money and vice versa, whoever bets on the lower team will lose enough.
  • The upper team loses: The bettor bets on the upper team losing all money and those who follow the lower team win all the prize money.

Instructions for reading ball handicaps

Handicap bet 1/4

The 1/4 Asian Handicap simply means that the upper team handicaps the lower team at a ratio of 0.25 balls. This is also a popular form of betting offered by bookmakers in dramatic football matches. How to read Asian football odds 1/4 is very simple, players refer to the following 3 cases:

  • The upper team wins: The player bets money on the upper team to win, otherwise if the lower team wins, they lose all the money they spent.
  • The underdog wins: The player bets on the overteam to lose and the underdog wins all the money from the house.
  • Final draw result: Bet on the upper team loses half the money and vice versa, betting on the lower team wins half the money into the account.

Handicap 1/2

Similarly, a 1/2 handicap bet means the stronger team handicaps the weaker team with a fixed ratio of 0.5 balls. To participate in betting successfully, bettors must clearly understand how to read Hi88 Asian football odds as follows:

  • The upper team wins: The player bets on the upper team to win enough and win the prize, otherwise if they follow the lower team, they lose all their money.
  • The underdog team wins or draws: Bet money down for the underdog team to win and if you follow the overdog team, you lose all the money.

Read the simple 0.5 ball handicap

Handicap 3/4

Asian soccer odds 3/4 is also a common form of betting in matches and will determine the winner or loser based on the upper and lower teams. With a handicap of 0.75 balls, the odds will have 3 scenarios as follows, please understand clearly to calculate tactics:

  • The upper team wins by 2 goals or more: The player bets on the upper team to win, whoever follows the lower team loses.
  • The upper team wins by only 1 goal difference: Betting on the upper team wins half the money and vice versa, betting on the lower team loses half the bet.
  • Final draw result: Those who bet on the upper bet lose all their money and the player who bet on the lower bet wins all.


Above is general information on how to read Asian football odds shared by experts that bettors should not ignore. This form of betting not only helps players watch more dramatic matches but also creates opportunities to make huge profits. To have a rich football season, quickly register an account and bet right away at HI88!

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