How to Promote Your Business by Bulk Messaging in Telegram

How to Promote Your Business by Bulk Messaging in Telegram

Telegram, this amazing, full-featured, fast and free messenger, is commonly considered a suitable platform for advertising by most businesses, especially the small and newly-established ones. In Telegram, businesses can send hundreds of messages to different people, introducing the products and services they offer. But if advertising in Telegram is as easy sending an ad to a huge number of random people, why do not we receive ads from businesses in Telegram?

Telegram offers its own advertising services and counts on its revenue, so by imposing a number of rules and limitations on bulk activities, it tries to keep its users from advertising for free. Although sending ads in Telegram DM, one of the most effective ways of advertising, is expected to be impossible due to Telegram policy, it can still be done if you find the right tool to bypass the limitations and automate the process.

Now the question is what the Telegram restrictions are and what tool we can use to bulk message despite the existence of these restrictions.

The major limitation is that message recipients in Telegram are divided in 2 groups

  1. Familiar people:

The people who have already sent you a message or the people who have saved you in their Telegram contacts.

Based on Telegram rules, you are free to send as many DMs as you like to these people without the risk of being banned, restricted or blocked, but as you may guess, this group is not your target market because you send ads to people who do not know your business to make them familiar with what you offer.

  1. Anonymous people:

The people who have never sent you a message and have not saved you in their Telegram contacts. You are not free to send any desired number of messages to this group. Actually, each account is allowed to send a specific number of DMs (fewer than 50) to anonymous people per day. Clearly, this number is too low to lead an effective advertising campaign and here comes the first obstacle that prevents you from bulk DMing in Telegram, to overcome which you can use several accounts to send DMs and multiply the number of ads you can DM in a day.

Yet, there is another issue you need to consider if you are willing to bulk DM in Telegram; every user is allowed to report and block the account that has sent them a message, which actually notifies Telegram of the disturbance the sender account has made. In case the number of block and reports increases, Telegram will restrict your account, making you lose your account and disabling you from messaging with it.

To minimize the risk, instead of messaging random people, you need to target a specific group of people who are somehow relevant to your business. For example, if you sell cosmetics, men will either show no reaction to your ads, which is a waste of the time, energy and budget you have spent on advertising, or block and report you if you target them.

To find the people who might be related to, interested or involved in your business, you can refer to your competitors pages and groups. Actually, you are sure that their audiences, fans and subscribers are a perfect target market for you.

So far, you know that you can send bulk DMs in Telegram with the minimum risk by:

  1. Using several accounts
  2. Targeting your competitors’ fans

As it is clear, to use several accounts, send a particular number of DMs using each account per day and switching to the next account seems to be a pretty hard task in large scale. Moreover, to extract the username of subscribers from your competitors’ groups takes you a huge amount of time if done manually. That is why you need a tool that can automate the whole process and free you from having to deal with these issues.

One of the best tools you can use is telegram mass dm bot, which is also known internationally and has helped so many businesses promote their products or services. This bot can

  1. Get linked to as many accounts as you have unlimitedly
  2. Send your desired number of DMs using each account
  3. Automated switch between accounts
  4. Send messages to a list of mobile numbers/ usernames
  5. Extract usernames from groups subscribers
  6. Send videos, images, etc.
  7. Send messages to groups
  8. Send DMs to group members

And there are so many other features that this bot offers, that help you in this way. Since this bot simulates the exact human behavior, it never gets identified as a bot by Telegram and your accounts are totally secured.

To get more information about this amazing product, visit the website:

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