How To Determine The Value For Elopement Wedding Photography

How To Determine The Value For Elopement Wedding Photography

Weddings are blissful days filled with sacred rituals that spell a couple in unison. Articulately saying their wedding vows, waiting for the minister to make his speech, exchanging rings, and finally kissing the bride. The ceremony is simple when compared to most weddings in different parts of the world, but the significance it holds in the lives of the couple is paramount.

Whether one goes for a traditional, lavish wedding or an adventurous but intimate ceremony surrounded by family members, it is important to take pictures. If planned well, elopement wedding photography can help capture all the fun and frolicking of the escapades and journey of the couple. 

What can one expect from an elopement photography?

Elopement photography is happening yet laid back, promising a lot of spaces to be filled in the composition of a picture. In elopement, the focus is entirely on the bride and the groom. Locations can pep up the feel but are not mandatory. Even backyard or diner weddings can figure in this category. But the point is on the storytelling; so the entire onus is on the couple as to what story they want their pictures to tell that can profess their love for each other through frames. Iterating that place is not the focal point for an elopement but definitely, an asset when considering one is an understatement. 

Steps to consider when selecting a photographer

  • Check their portfolio

Most wedding photographers work in niche spaces. Some like only big weddings, some are candid budget photographers and some love their work as elopement wedding photographers. But more than the area of expertise, the quality of their work, in general, should be appealing and something a couple can relate to. 

So ensure to check at least a few photographers with varying experience, packages, and price ranges they come in before zeroing on the one you would like to go with. And most certainly have backup options because they may be sold out on the date you decide to get married. 

  • Professional approach matters

In all likelihood, the levels of expertise such as beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert will vary as per the skills for the core craft. However, what is a non-negotiable factor when considering someone for an assignment is their professional approach. Have they responded within a few hours from the time you reached out? After checking out their availability, were they able to help you with choices and options that you can try, without pushing to opt for an option? A photographer should only guide what may look good for the couple. The final choice of the couple has to be a free-will decision for whatever package they select. 

  • Discuss the details of the location

A photographer needs to prep his equipment and carry it along if the location is far away. Considering the travel planning and other associated requirements, it is in the best interest to discuss the location details with the photographer well ahead of time. 

Photographers often are asked for suggestions when they suffer from decision-making fatigue concerning the perfect location. Some couples seem to know the perfect place as that area adds up to their story. However, many choose a different location for the simple beauty that place holds. 

If the location where you want to photoshoot needs special permission to carry camera equipment, plan to avoid disappointments. For instance, a couple looking to take pictures with the Taj Mahal as the backdrop needs permission for camera equipment by submitting a form and paying a requisite fee. 

  • Price and value

Photographers charge as per their expertise and time spent in the industry. It can range anywhere between 500 to 5000 USD for a photoshoot. Typically the wedding shoot lasts anywhere between 6-10 hours. However, the total man hours spent in emailing, prepping, and traveling up to the location can range to 60 odd hours for any photographer. So the price will be in sync with experience and total hours spent on the project. 


Marriages hold a promise of love and that can be best captured by a professional photographer with an eye for detail. It is advisable to hire someone who can give the wedding couple an unparalleled experience from the beginning to the end and even lets his work speak volumes. 

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