How To Concentrate To Reduce Your Study Time

How To Concentrate To Reduce Your Study Time By 3 Or More And Instantly Increase Your Efficiency

If you are a student, you surely know one or two students who give an incredible impression of being always relaxed, always free for a baseball game or a party. They never seem to be working so much and yet, they almost always get good grades! This is partly due to the fact that they know how to manage their study time efficiently when they study alone and don’t depend on a teacher or a lecturer. This allows them to have a maximum concentration during a minimum amount of time. Thus, they have more free time and get much better results compared to other students who work for hours late in the evening.


It is essential that you create one very good habit: to study at the same time every day. It will accustom your brain to be focused and concentrated on your study at a given moment. How can you find your own moment for your study? Just have a look at the timetable of one of your typical week. Then, choose the hour where you are free every day. There is not a strict rule concerning a potential ‘best hour’ to study. The best hour will be simply the one you prefer!

Now, the only thing you have to do is to respect what you wrote just above. Respect the moment you chose and don’t change this moment every week. You will know that you are on the road to your success when you will be able to stop your favorite TV show just because it is the time you set for your study: This is one of the winners’secrets. You will then appreciate the new comfort of life this organization brings you, and you could enjoy how free is your mind during the rest of the day


Once you set precisely your study periods with the tool just above, you will now want to be as efficient as possible during this moment. To do this, it is psychologically essential to spend a few minutes to determine what you want and how much time you have to acquire it.

Here, you are setting a goal in order to focus your brain and memory to find the information you want. With a goal, the brain and the memory work much better because they exactly know what must be found and memorized. This step is very important, don’t neglect it.

This principle has been verified thousands of times and illustrates perfectly that the brain acts in the limits it is given. It can be also known as the Parkinson’s law: “Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.” It means that if you give yourself 2 hours to do a work, it is likely that you will spend 2 hours. If you give yourself 3 hours for the same work, you will surely spend 3 hours

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