How to Choose the Right Picket Fence for Your Home

Picket Fence Summerville is a classic addition to any home, lending curb appeal and providing a safe play space for your children and pets. But with so many different picket fence styles on the market, how do you know which is suitable for your home? Read on as we explore the other factors you should consider before purchasing.

Picket Fence Styles

There are three main styles of picket fences: traditional, scalloped, and dog-eared.

Traditional picket fences: Have evenly spaced vertical boards with pointed tops. The evenly spaced pickets typically measure between three and four feet tall and are attached to vertical posts set into the ground at regular intervals. They were used to create enclosed livestock spaces or establish property boundaries. Although the classic picket fence is white, it can be stained or painted any color.

Scalloped picket fences: Scalloped picket fences have a unique, stylish look that can add curb appeal to any home. But what exactly are they? Scalloped picket fences feature curved pickets rather than straight ones. This gives the fence a gentle, rolling look that will turn heads. In addition to their visual appeal, scalloped picket fences are also highly functional. The curved pickets help to deflect wind and water, making the fence more durable. And because the pickets are closer together at the bottom of the fence than at the top, they provide more privacy than traditional picket fences.

Dog-eared picket fences: A type of fence with triangular-shaped tops on the pickets. The name comes from the similarity between the shape of the pickets and the ears of a dog. Dog-eared picket fences are commonly used in residential settings as they provide privacy without being too towering or imposing. While dog-eared picket fences are typically made from wood, they can also be made from other materials such as vinyl or composite. One of the benefits of dog-eared picket fences is that they are relatively easy to build and can be adapted to fit any space.

Picket fence style is primarily a matter of personal preference. That said, certain styles may be better suited to specific homes. For example, a traditional picket fence would complement a Colonial-style house, while a dog-eared picket fence would be more fitting for a ranch-style home.

Picket Fence Materials

Picket fences are typically made from either wood or vinyl. Wood is the more traditional choice and can provide a natural look for your home. Vinyl is a newer material option that offers increased durability and requires little in the way of maintenance. When deciding on material, consider your budget and how much upkeep you want.

Wooden picket fences must be regularly stained or painted to protect against the elements, while vinyl pickets require occasional rinsing with the hose. If you choose wood, select a species known for its resistance to rot and insect damage, such as cedar or cypress.

Whether you’re looking for something classic or modern, there’s a picket fence style to suit your needs. When choosing yours, consider the materials you want and the level of maintenance you’re prepared to do. With these considerations in mind, you’ll indeed find the perfect picket fence for your home.

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