Extremely Simple Instructions on How to Play Animal Chess for Everyone

How to play animal chess Nowadays, it is extremely suitable for all ages of players. Each chess piece will represent a different animal species. If you want to win in the game, the player needs to eat all of the opponent’s animals. So now, let’s Trang Chủ Jun88 Learn in detail how to play this game through the article below!

Overview of the current chess game

Introducing the attractive chess game on the market

GameThis game is set in a tropical forest surrounded by many “Traps”. Next to it will be interspersed and large rivers flowing through it. Each player will control 8 chess pieces with symbols for 8 animals of different ranks.

Higher-ranked animals will eat lower-ranked animals. The ultimate goal of this game is to dominate the market or eat all the animals on the opponent’s side. So,How to play animal chess will be extremely attractive because of its rich images and simple playing rules.

Instructions playing chess basic bestgivesockschiefallPeople

Instructions on how to play simple animal chess for beginners

Before starting the game, each participant chooses a set of 8 chess pieces, representing a specific animal. Those animals will be divided into ranks from low to high with corresponding strength.

You can move your piece to an empty space on the board each turn. However, when the player encounters a trap or river, he will not be able to move further if he does not have a bridge.

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In How to play animal chess Now there will be a number of troops with special skills. Those pieces will help you jump over the box or can also follow special rules. The game will end if one side puts one of its animals into the cave or eats all of the opponent’s animals.

Rules you need to remember when playing animal chess

The rules in how to play animal chess you need to know

To be able to fully participate in animal chess, you need to prepare a table with some of your animals. Let’sJun88 Let’s take a look at some of the special features inside How to play animal chess Please.

Characteristics of the tableanimal flag

The current animal chess board has a rectangular shape with 7 columns and 9 lines. All together make up 63 different squares. The board is divided into two halves and each half represents a player’s land. Besides, there are some special points on the table that players need to know below:

  • Cave: Is a square located in the center on the last line of the table with the task of putting one of your animals in this box to win.
  • Trap: Includes a total of 6 trap boxes and each player owns 3 boxes located in front of the cave entrance.
  • Water area or River area: These are two areas with a 2×3 rectangular area located in the middle of the table.

Ruleaboutthe strength of the chess piecein how to play animal chess

A set will include a total of 16 different pieces, divided into 2 colors: Blue and Red. Each participating player owns 8 pieces corresponding to 8 different animals. And the ranking of strong and weak animals is arranged as follows:

  • Elephant corresponds to level 8
  • Lion corresponds to level 7
  • Tiger corresponds to level 6
  • Report corresponding to level 5
  • Dogs correspond to level 4
  • Wolf corresponds to level 3
  • Cat corresponds to level 2
  • Mouse corresponds to level 1

Rules for Catching Animals inthis game

According to regulations How to play animal chess Then the player needs to “Catch” or “Eat” his opponent. Represented by moving to the square containing that piece. Once captured, that animal will be eliminated and replaced with your troops.

The captured piece must have a high rank or be equal to the opponent. However, currently How to play animal chess There will be some special rules that must be mentioned as follows:

  • The Mouse can catch the Elephant: Even though the Mouse is the lowest ranked, it has the ability to catch the Elephant (highest ranked). Because the mouse gets into the Elephant’s ear and then eats the Elephant’s brain, the mouse can win!
  • Elephant cannot catch Mouse: Even though ranked highest, Elephant cannot catch Mouse because Mouse possesses very good evasion ability.
  • Rats in the River region cannot invade: If Rats are in the river region, they cannot be captured by any troops coming from the land. And according to the rules of the game, it will only be captured by another Rat piece and in the river area.

Above is the information and instructions How to play animal chess butJun88 We want to share with the players. With the game’s appeal coming from eye-catching and vivid images of animals. This is definitely always an extremely popular entertainment game for many players around the world!

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