Experience in betting on unbeaten cockfighting for new players

Cockfighting with iron spurs is currently a form of online cockfighting betting that is taking the market by storm today. The mighty fighting cocks are equipped with iron spurs that can quickly defeat opponents, making the game more interesting and dramatic. If you are looking for the secret to mastering cockfighting betting, let’s join Link New88 Take away some bloody experiences below.

Some details about the iron spur cockfighting playground

Spur cockfighting is an exciting traditional game in which two cocks will engage in confrontation. On each fighting cock’s spur there is a sharp iron bar attached to help the fighting cock unleash powerful attacks. The match usually lasts for a short period of time and ends when one of the two chickens no longer has enough strength to continue or when the referee determines the result.

Players often bet on the chicken they believe will win. When placing a bet, you can choose which cock will win, which cock will show better performance during fighting, or both. This is a unique and attractive form of entertainment, attracting the attention of many players.

A special feature is that you can participate in live betting while watching the actual match. Currently, New88 has created a reputable and quality online cockfighting betting playground equipped with iron spurs. You can unleash your passion and predict the results of cockfighting matches from many countries around the world.

Learn the basic rules of cockfighting with iron spurs

Cockfighting is a popular traditional game in many places, and to participate, players need to understand the basic rules of the game. Here are some important rules and details:

  • Combat vehicles: During the fight, cocks are only allowed to use iron spurs to fight. The use of claws, beaks, or any other tools is not allowed. The referee is responsible for controlling and ensuring that the cocks only use spurs.
  • Weight limit: The cocks participating in the match must comply with the weight limit to ensure fairness. This limit is usually determined by the regulations of the cockfighting ring.
  • Match time: Each match has a time limit such as 10 minutes, 15 minutes or 20 minutes. If there is no result within the specified time, the referee has the right to decide the match to be a draw or continue the match with additional time.
  • Place a bet: Players can bet on one of two cocks, commonly referred to as “red” or “black”. When the fighting cock that the player bet on wins, the player will receive a bonus amount corresponding to the odds.
  • Penalize: The referee has the right to impose sanctions in case of violation of the rules of the game or inappropriate behavior. This can include deducting the bet, removing the cock from the fight or even declaring a loss.

4 bloody experiences when playing cockfighting with iron spurs from veteran experts

Learning from experienced cockfighting experts with many years of experience can be a good way for you to equip yourself with the necessary skills and knowledge in this game. Below are 4 detailed experiences from veteran experts:

Pay attention to choosing quality fighting chickens, big, strong, and flexible

In the process of playing cockfighting betting, choosing the right fighting cock is the crucial factor that determines your success or failure. Below are some fighting standards that you should consider choosing:

  • Warts: The chicken’s comb plays an important role in determining the chicken’s strength and determination. Choose a chicken with a beautiful, wide and strong comb.
  • Chicken eyes: Chicken eyes are also an important indicator. Eyes clear and ready to show determination in the match.
  • Aggressiveness: Observe your chicken’s personality in challenging situations. Fighting cocks should have a brave personality and be ready to face their opponents. Avoid choosing chickens that are too gentle or show off.

In addition, you need to create a good nurturing environment for your fighting chickens. Create favorable conditions for your chickens to grow, including providing a balanced diet and regular exercise.

Trying to combine the selection of fighting cocks with technical training is the key to having a strong fighting cock team and winning cockfighting matches.

Observe the selection of suitable iron spurs

One of the important steps when participating in betting is to design suitable spurs for your fighting cocks. There are many types of spurs available on the market today, but not all are reliable. To ensure success in matches, you need to choose spurs with the following characteristics:

  • Iron spur material: Choose iron spurs made from quality metal material, ensuring high hardness and damage ability. Iron spurs should be made to resist oxidation and not easily rust when exposed to water.
  • Suitable for chicken’s legs and arms: Iron spurs need to be designed to suit the fighting cock’s legs and blows. This ensures that the cock can use the spur effectively and powerfully during the fight.
  • Comply with the rules of the game: Make sure your spurs comply with the rules and regulations of the game. This includes the size and weight of the spur, as well as safety rules.

Master the rules of iron spur cockfighting

To have a chance of winning in cockfighting, you need to understand the rules and betting types. Understand each type of bet, how to bet, time of the match and related regulations. Understanding the rules of the game helps you avoid losing money unnecessarily and increases excitement when participating in matches.
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Learn about fighting cock achievements

Before you decide to choose a fighting cock for a spur cockfighting match, it is extremely important to clearly understand their performance chart. Although cockfighting relies somewhat on luck, understanding and carefully preparing information can help you increase your chances of winning.

By understanding the performance chart of each rooster participating in the match, you can predict their fighting ability. This will help you evaluate the strength and predict the outcome of each cockfight more accurately.

Why should you play cockfighting betting with iron spurs at bookmaker New88?

New88 is considered a reliable choice for those who love cockfighting betting. Here, there are many reasons why players feel excited:

  • Diverse betting: The house offers many different betting halls, including sports, casino, slot games, fish shooting, and especially cockfighting. This ensures you have plenty of entertainment options.
  • Update bets continuously: All betting odds are public and continuously updated, helping players follow and participate easily.
  • Fast loading speed, sharp images: The bookmaker’s website has fast access speed, and the sound and image experience is very sharp, helping you feel like you are participating directly at the cockfighting event.
  • Quick payment: The house supports quick and convenient payments, helping you have an easy betting experience.
  • Great incentives and customer care: The betting house offers many attractive promotions for players, accompanied by a professional customer care team. Any questions or concerns are supported via hotline, online chat and other contact channels.


Through New88’s recent article, we hope that new players have gained great experience in betting.cockfighting with iron spurs undefeated. Always practice and hone your skills to become a true master. I wish you successful bets and always win big on the stage.

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