Edan’s Advanced Imaging Technologies: TAI and eSRI in Portable Ultrasound

In its portable ultrasound machine, Edan has made two ground-breaking imaging technologies available. The ultrasound imaging capabilities are redefined by the Tissue Adaptive Imaging (TAI) and Enhanced Speckle Reduction Imaging (eSRI) technologies, which provide better tissue visualization and increased diagnostic precision. Edan keeps innovating and providing cutting-edge solutions to healthcare professionals throughout the world with these patented breakthroughs.

TAI: Dynamic Image Adaptation for Unparalleled Clarity

TAI is a unique and proprietary technology developed by Edan, revolutionizing the way ultrasound images are captured and presented. TAI continuously interacts with the returning echoes and dynamically adapts the image based on the specific characteristics of the tissues being imaged. Without any user interaction, the system automatically adjusts multiple parameters, resulting in optimized image quality.  TAI is available in B-mode, color, and spectral Doppler imaging, providing healthcare professionals with exceptional clarity and accuracy in their diagnostic evaluations.

eSRI: Unveiling Clear Anatomy and Pathology

Edan’s eSRI technology utilizes real-time image processing to enhance the visualization of anatomy and pathology by effectively reducing speckle noise. By employing an advanced multi-scale anisotropic filtering algorithm, this speckle reduction imaging technology differentiates regions of noise from diagnostic information, acting differently on each to enhance image clarity.  The result is a clearer and more detailed ultrasound image, enabling healthcare professionals to detect subtle abnormalities and make accurate diagnoses.


Edan’s portable ultrasound machines incorporate two groundbreaking imaging technologies: TAI and eSRI. Edan’s commitment to innovation and advanced imaging technologies reaffirms its position as a leading healthcare brand. Embrace Edan’s portable ultrasound machines with TAI and eSRI, and experience a new level of imaging excellence in medical diagnosis and patient care.

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