Deposit and withdrawal process at F8bet

Gamblers that bet at F8BET are continually rewarded with fresh and thrilling adventures as well as a slew of incentives. As a consequence, we’ll show you how to make deposits and withdrawals in F8BET right away.

Depositing Methods

Using your own country’s bank account: This is the most popular choice since it is well-protected and has the shortest wait time. F8BET can serve almost all Vietnamese banks as well as foreign banks because to its powerful technology.

Using a QR code: Scanning a QR code is a very convenient and quick way to top up your account. By following a few simple steps on your smartphone or computer, you may easily deposit money into your F8BET account.

Using phone cards: This approach can be used by those who are familiar with phone cards. Your funds will be sent to your F8BET account quickly, exactly like other top-up options. There are, however, certain limitations. When depositing a large number of money, this method is quite expensive and requires some effort to scratch the card.

F8BET gamers use ViettelPay, MoMo Wallet, and ZaloPay as some of their preferred payment methods. It’s also a quick and easy way to make a deposit.

What is the procedure for making a deposit at F8BET?

A multitude of methods are available for depositing funds into the F8BET account. We’ll show you how to go about doing it.

Utilizing a domestic bank account

Log in to your F8BET account and choose “Deposit” -> “Local Bank” -> “Deposit” -> “Deposit” -> “Deposit” -> “Deposit” -> “Deposit” Fill in the bank information, choose the transaction, and provide the necessary details about the bookie -> “Transfer” money -> “Confirm Transfer” to complete the payment (Remember to save the invoice when there is a need to confirm).

Log in to F8BET -> “Transfer” Money -> choose the kind of QR Code Remittance -> choose the bank to conduct the transaction and the amount to deposit -> confirm by clicking “Scan QR code” -> save the QR code and code to conduct banking money transfers.

Prepaid phone cards are a great way to save money on long distance calls.

To finish the transaction, go into your F8BET account and select “Top up with prepaid phone card” -> “Proceed” (fill in all essential information properly and completely). (The expense, which may reach 19 percent, is rather significant.)

Using Momo to pay

When you log into F8BET, select “Momo pay” from the drop-down option. Fill in all necessary information completely and accurately (payment method, deposit amount, …) -> Select “Generate QR code” (please remember to save the code) -> Scan code with Momo wallet to complete the top-up.

Our recommendation

When processing deposits to current bank accounts, save your receipts in event of delay or other problems.

The F8BET money system consists of 1000 coins. If you deposit 2 million Vietnamese dong, the balance will appear as 2000 coins.

To avoid incurring a transferring fee when depositing using a QR code, you should have a minimum balance in the account.

If you deposit funds over the phone, you may be billed transaction fees.

So that’s all for the deposit. Let’s go on to the procedure for requesting a withdrawal.

The Advantages of Withdrawing money at F8bet

F8BET is always concerned about players’ rights and strives to protect them to the best degree feasible, especially throughout the withdrawal process. With our many years of knowledge, we promise that you will make the greatest money possible.

In a single transaction, you can withdraw at least 200,000 VND and up to 150 million VND. F8BET will still give you a limit of 300 million Vietnamese dong in one day if you want to withdraw more money.

We provide a number of withdrawal options, all of which are rather quick. All gamers must do is provide accurate information and adhere to the bonus terms and conditions.

When players withdraw money using a bank that we allow for up to three transactions per day, there are no costs.

We promise to protect all confidential information using two layers of password authentication and ultra-secure encryption technology.

How to withdraw money with F8bet

To connect and log in to your account, go to the official URL: or use the phone app.

Step 2: From the drop-down option, select “Withdrawal.”

Step 3: In the box given, enter the amount you wish to withdraw.

Step 4: To complete the transaction, click “Continue.”

Step 5: Select “Add bank” and provide the required information.

Step 5: Click “Save” to complete the request.

Withdrawal conditions

To withdraw your cash, you must satisfy certain requirements.

All transaction and bank account details must be same.

F8BET’s terms and rules must not be broken in any way.

Players must complete all of the additional conditions if they wish to pay out money from incentives.

The following are our suggestions

Do not use any other accounts than the one that was officially registered when withdrawing. Otherwise, a mistake will be recorded in the system, and the payment will not be confirmed as soon as it should be.

To avoid having to wait longer for maintenance, keep an eye on the withdrawal time. Withdrawal requests filed early in the day, Monday through Friday, are often processed faster than those submitted later in the day.

You must meet all withdrawal conditions in order to be able to withdraw.

To get the most out of your experience, please follow these rules and policies.

Once we get your withdrawal request, we will confirm and process it as quickly as feasible. A withdrawal request normally takes between 2 and 4 hours to process. Please double-check your data or call us immediately away if you have not received a response within 24 hours. The quicker you contact us, the sooner we’ll discover out what’s holding things up and you’ll avoid losing money.


We’ve covered all you need to know about depositing and withdrawing money at F8BET. We hope you enjoy your stay with us. In the case of an emergency, we will respond as promptly as possible and guarantee that all of your problems will be resolved.

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