DAYA: Elevating Bathrooms with Series F – The Epitome of Shower Pan Excellence

When it comes to transforming bathrooms into havens of comfort and style, the choice of a reliable shower pan manufacturer plays a pivotal role. Enter DAYA, a distinguished name in the industry with a legacy of over two decades in crafting wholesale shower pans and elevating bathroom experiences with their top-tier resin stone products.

DAYA: Master Crafters of Shower Pans

With a rich history steeped in designing, manufacturing, and delivering wholesale shower pans, DAYA has solidified its position as a leading shower pan manufacturer synonymous with high-quality, innovative bathroom solutions. Their commitment to excellence shines through Series F, a shallow shower tray that encapsulates practicality, durability, and timeless design in whole shower pan manufacturers.

Introducing Series F: Elevating Shower Pan Standards

Series F by DAYA embodies sophistication and functionality. Its shallow design presents a classic and versatile shape that not only enhances the aesthetics of your bathroom but also ensures ease of access, simplifying entry and exit for users of all ages.

Crafted from durable materials, Series F stands as a testament to DAYA’s dedication to quality. This shower pan comes in various sizes, catering to diverse layout requirements and individual preferences. Whether opting for a standard 1700 mm long shower tray or seeking customization in size, color, or other specifications, DAYA’s Series F promises to meet your unique needs.

Features That Redefine Shower Pan Excellence

Classic Design and Versatility: The timeless shape of Series F blends seamlessly with various bathroom designs while ensuring user convenience.

Durability and Quality Materials: Constructed with robust materials, Series F guarantees longevity and resilience, standing the test of time.

Size Customization: DAYA’s commitment to personalization allows customers to choose from popular sizes or request bespoke sizes tailored to their specific bathroom layout.

Ease of Use: The shallow design not only adds aesthetic value but also enhances user experience by facilitating comfortable entry and exit.


In essence, DAYA’s Series F is more than just a shower pan; it’s a harmonious blend of elegance, durability, and customization, redefining shower experiences and setting new benchmarks in bathroom innovation and design. For those seeking excellence in every detail of their bathroom space, Series F stands tall as a testament to DAYA’s unwavering commitment to perfection.

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