Conquer the Most Tortuous Vessels with the PTCA Balloon Catheter

They say that when it comes to PTCA balloon catheters, the right design can make all the difference. That’s why APT Medical has developed the CONQUEROR™ NC PTCA balloon catheter, featuring a unique spherical tip that is designed to conquer even the most tortuous vessels.

Unique Spherical Tip Design

One of the key features of the CONQUEROR™ NC PTCA balloon catheter is its one-of-a-kind spherical tip design. This design allows the catheter to glide through the stent without colliding with it, making it easier to advance through tortuous, stent-covered arteries. This is a critical advantage for clinicians, who need to be able to navigate these difficult vessels with precision and accuracy.

Optimal Crossability and Enhanced Visualization

In addition to its unique spherical tip, the CONQUEROR™ NC PTCA balloon catheter also offers optimal crossability and enhanced visualization. The soft spherical tip is infused with tungsten, which helps to ensure atraumatic guidance and optimal visualization during the procedure. This feature, combined with the catheter’s low compliance and soft balloon with selected coating, makes it an ideal choice for crossing even the most challenging vessels.

Tapered Tip Options for Diverse Clinical Needs

Finally, APT Medical understands that different clinical situations may require different approaches. That’s why the CONQUEROR™ NC PTCA balloon catheter is available with a tapered tip, featuring an ultra-low profile of just 0.016 inches. This design ensures excellent crossability and makes it easy to use in a variety of clinical scenarios.


In summary, the CONQUEROR™ NC PTCA balloon catheter from APT Medical is a leading choice for clinicians looking for a catheter that can conquer even the most challenging vessels. With its unique spherical tip design, optimal crossability and enhanced visualization, and tapered tip options, this catheter is designed to meet the diverse needs of modern cardiology practice.

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