Best New Online Casino Games in 2022

New casino games come out every single day, and the number of options that players have at their disposal is truly unfathomable. Although, as a side consequence of this, this can also make choosing which games you would like to play quite the chore.

When there is a seemingly endless sea of enticing online casino games, how can you tell which ones are worth your time? Well, this is a problem that we intend to remedy in this article.

In this article, we will be taking a look at a few of the best new online casino games of 2022, as well as giving you a little information about each to see if they sound like something you may want to try.

Wildwood Buffalo

Wildwood Buffalo is an exciting new slot that is set around a cowboy theme, with it featuring all the usual cliches you would expect to see from a game set in the 1800s.

Whilst Wildwood Buffalo functions in the exact same way regular slots do with just a few key twists, it provides an exemplary option for those who are just looking for something a little different, and the artistic recreation of an 1800s America in the background is sure to make you well aware that this is no ordinary slot.

Wildwood Buffalo also features cowboy-esque imagery through the use of North American animals such as bears, buffaloes, wolves, eagles, and beavers as the icons on the reels – something which is a huge change of pace compared to the usual gems, fruits, and other standard slot reel icons.

Moreover, on top of this, Wildwood Buffalo has also been incredibly well-received by the community. While it may not be the most popular game out there, those that play it swear by it, and almost every Wildwood Buffalo review you see is likely going to shower it with praise for its innovative design and feel.

Wildwood Buffalo would be a perfect choice if you just want a simple game that is able to give you a different experience from regular slots, and if you are a fan of cowboys/North American imagery, then this game is going to be right up your street.


Aviator is vastly different to the usual online casino games you have come to know and love, and in fact, this game would not seem too far removed from simply being a stand-alone title in of itself. Aviator is a new type of online casino game called a “crash game”, which is supposed to be reminiscent of the classic arcade games of the past.

Crash casino games came from an innovation in which developers decided to base casino games around the browser games that are commonly found around the internet, meaning they have an incredibly unusual feel compared to normal casino games.

Crash games are still somewhat rare at online casinos and they have still yet to be adopted by the community at large, but you can play Aviator on 10CRIC with real money – something that is rather surprising as 10CRIC is one of the only larger casinos that actually offer Aviator.

So, what is aviator? Well, it’s simple. Aviator is an arcade-like online casino game that is centred around how long a plane is able to stay up in the air. Players place a bet and can cash out at any time; but the longer they leave it, the higher the earnings potential.

Of course, this also comes with added risk, as the chances of the plane crashing increases every second that passes. Moreover, the length of time that the plane will stay in the air for is completely dictated by chance, with some games lasting as little as a couple of seconds.

This takes a lot of the guesswork out of the gaming experience, and because of this, aviator lends itself perfectly to those that just want to relax, have some fun, and try their luck.

Aviator is incredibly unique and is quickly growing in popularity, and if you find yourself growing bored of the classic online casino games or just want a game that requires little to no effort, then aviator would be a prime choice, and there are few other games in the world that can provide an experience akin to this. 

Fortune of Giza

Fortune of Giza is quite similar to Wildwood Buffalo in more ways than one, being that it is yet another unique slot with an interesting theme. However, unlike Wildwood Buffalo which appeals to the cowboy fantasy, Fortune of Giza focuses on taking us back to ancient Egypt.

Featuring the pyramids of Giza, a vast, sprawling desert, and a myriad of Egyptian-based symbols, Fortune of Giza is going to be a perfect fit for anyone who is just blown away by Egyptian architecture, and it also happens to boast some of the best graphics in the industry.

Furthermore, practically every Fortune of Giza critique is overwhelmingly positive, and any negative points that do arise usually come from people who are not all too fond of Egyptian imagery and architecture. Fortune of Giza is a one in a million, and when it comes to unusual casino games that have exceptional graphics, there are few other games that can even come close.

All of the games we have mentioned on this list are widely available and easy to get access to. If any of them happened to take your fancy, why not give them a try? There is absolutely no point in constantly replaying games that you have grown tired of, and the games that we featured on this list can do more than just act as incredible replacements.

The number of hours you will be able to get out of any of these games is truly endless. We specifically choose entries that had a high replay value – so once you have dug your teeth in, you may just find yourself having a new set of favourite games. We wish you the best of luck, and we hope that the games we have given you today are going to be all you were looking for and more.

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