Analysis of Bagasse Packaging Manufacturer and Off-Season

In recent years, the demand for sustainable food packaging has been on the rise due to increasing environmental concerns. Bagasse packaging, made from sugarcane fiber residue, has emerged as a popular choice in this regard. Qiaowang is one such bagasse packaging manufacturer that offers a wide range of eco-friendly products.

The Versatility of Qiaowang’s Bagasse Products

Popular bagasse fiber pulp cups with matching lids in various sizes to fulfill sustainable food packaging needs.

Environmental-friendly 100% compostable bagasse fiber bowl with or without lids, safe for food-containing. Perfect for fast packaging.

Available in various shapes, disposable bagasse pulp plates are suitable for daily diet. Easy-portable and outdoor-friendly.

In-demand sugar cane containers. Water & oil resistant, heat-friendly at 100℃ within 30 minutes. Optional clamshell and without lid.

Compostable bagasse food trays of various sizes and designs are widely applied at tables and chain fresh supermarkets.

Qiaowang’s Commitment to Quality

As a leading bagasse packaging manufacturer, Qiaowang ensures that their products meet high-quality standards. The use of natural materials like sugarcane fibers makes their products biodegradable and compostable while maintaining durability and functionality.

Promoting Sustainability through Off-Season Strategies

In order to maintain sustainability throughout the year, Qiaowang implements off-season strategies to minimize waste production during periods of low demand. By optimizing production schedules and reducing energy consumption, they strive to minimize their environmental impact.


Qiaowang, as a bagasse packaging manufacturer, plays a crucial role in promoting sustainable food packaging solutions. Their versatile range of products not only fulfills the needs of various industries but also contributes to reducing plastic waste. By implementing off-season strategies, Qiaowang showcases their commitment to sustainability throughout the year.

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