An Introduction To The Telecentric Lens

A telecentric lens can enhance the performance of industrial lenses by eliminating optical errors such as distortion and vignetting. This article will give you some information about SmartMoreInside’s telecentric lenses!

What is a telecentric lens?

A telecentric lens is a type of lens that is designed to correct the parallax of an ordinary industrial lens. Telecentric lenses are typically used in cameras and other optical equipment because they provide a more accurate image than other types of lenses.

Feature of telecentric lenses

Standard C mouth

Multiple and depth of field can be customized

High-definition, high-resolution, adjustable aperture

Telecentric design with objective, maximum support of 2/3 inch 500,000 CCD

The field of view is between 29.3 and 1.1 mm, and the multiplier ranges from 0.3 to 8.0X

What are the benefits of telecentric lenses?

Telecentric lenses are lenses that have been designed to correct for distortion in perspective by using a focal point off the center of the lens. This focal point is called the “telecentric point.”

There are several benefits to using a telecentric lens, including:

– Reduced distortion in perspective.

– Increased accuracy when capturing images and videos.

– Increased clarity and contrast when viewing images and videos.


In this article, we learned about SmartMoreInside’s telecentric lens, a type of lens designed to correct chromatic aberration. By correcting for this distortion, telecentric lenses can produce sharper images with greater precision. If you need a telecentric lens for your next project, be sure to check out our selection on the SmartMoreInside website.

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