Achieve Precise Focus Control with the Perfect Addition to Your Gimbal Stabilizer

Recognizing the significance of precise focus control in capturing compelling visuals, SmallRig has developed a wireless follow focus system. Filmmakers can rely on this exceptional accessory to elevate their filmmaking experience, allowing for precise control over focus and enabling them to create impactful and immersive stories. SmallRig’s dedication to providing high-quality photographic accessories makes them a top choice for filmmakers looking to enhance their craft.

With SmallRig’s wireless follow focus system, manual focus adjustments and relying solely on autofocus become things of the past. The system offers responsive and reliable wireless transmission, enabling precise focus changes even without holding it in hands. This newfound freedom allows filmmakers to experiment with different shots and compositions, elevating their creative possibilities and enhancing the overall filmmaking experience.

Common questions about using a wireless follow focus system

Q: How does the wireless follow focus system work?

A: SmallRig’s wireless follow focus system consists of a focus motor, a hands-free controller, and a lens gear. The motor attaches to your lens and wirelessly communicates with the controller, allowing you to adjust focus without the need for manual interaction.

Q: Can I use the wireless follow focus system with any lens?

A: The system is compatible with most lenses, but it’s essential to ensure that your lens is equipped with gears or gear rings for the focus motor to interface with.


In conclusion, SmallRig’s wireless follow focus system is a game-changer for filmmakers who strive for creative excellence. By seamlessly integrating with a gimbal stabilizer, it empowers users to achieve precise focus control and unlock new storytelling possibilities. With this innovative tool in arsenal, they can confidently capture captivating visuals that engage and immerse audience.

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