9 Reasons to Use Life Alert Emergency Response Systems

9 Reasons to Use Life Alert Emergency Response Systems

Personal safety is a crucial element of well-being. Despite living in the age of technological progress and advanced communication we often face physical dangers. In short, you or your loved ones could face chronic illnesses, street confrontations, or car accidents. The best way to deal with these threats is to use effective alerting. Read on to learn about life alert emergency response systems and why you should have one.

What is a Life Alert Emergency Response System?

Life alert systems are a feature of security devices. They use physical or digital buttons to ask for help with an SOS signal. The alert notification will come to the preset list of friends, family members, or special services.

This technology is a basis for the market of security devices. It can be used:

In College Campus

College is the place for first big decisions and responsibility. The enjoyment of youth often goes with a complete loss of attention for personal safety. An emergency response system is a great way to protect yourself or your children from any assaults.

On Construction Site

Hazards, fumes, and complex equipment make a construction site a dangerous place. Using PPE and emergency call buttons is a clue to safety.

With Tinder date

No matter your gender you never know the intentions of your partner. Letting your close know your location will make the evening safer.

For Dementia Patients

Aging isn’t the most pleasant process. The body and mind work worse than they should. Why not make elderly relative’s lives a bit easier with some safety gadgets?

9 Reasons Why You Should Have a Life Alert Emergency Response System

Emergency response buttons are used in hospitals, estates, and the street. There are numerous reasons why people choose these:

1.    Fast

Life alert systems use cellular networks or WiFi with a minimum ping. This allows the emergency contacts to react and assist the user immediately.

2.    Real-time

This technology uses GPS tracking in real-time letting you send the latest location to the emergency contacts.

3.    Accurate

GPS tracking is now the most accurate it has ever been. Even an Edge cellular connection will send the signal for help.

4.    Versatile

Life alert emergency response systems can be used in different life scenarios listed above. They are a great way to ensure personal safety in any situation.

5.    Cross-platform

The emergency response systems are implemented into different devices. These include home security setups, wearables, standalone devices, and even smartphone applications.

6.    Accessible

Most emergency response systems have intuitive and simple UIs. This way even senior citizens unfamiliar with such gadgets can use them easily. For instance, AllsWell Alert uses blue and white to make an appealing eye contrast.

7.    Additional features included

Most life alert emergency response devices are not standalone. They often come with additional features that can change the user experience.

8.    Affordability

Applications and gadgets that use emergency buttons are relatively affordable. They offer monthly subscriptions that you can cancel anytime.

9.    Long battery life

GPS tracking could be the only thing draining the battery while the application is working. These days such monitoring doesn’t need much from the battery resources and can work constantly.

Key Benefits of AllsWellAlert

Many devices can take care of your close ones’ personal safety. The most accessible way to use an emergency button is to free up some space and install an SOS-alarm application. AllsWell Alert uses the inactivity monitoring feature that lets the user ask for help without direct input.

The tracking mechanism is simple – timers. The inactivity timers trigger the alarm if the user is absent for too long. No matter if you can press the button or not your close ones will receive the signal for help.

Moreover, AllsWell Alert has international coverage and an affordable monthly subscription. The GPS tracking, emergency call button, and inactivity monitoring combined to make this application a must for anyone who cares for their personal safety.

Check out the AllsWell Alert 30-day free trial if you have any doubts.

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