10 Majors Recommended in 2023

Determining the majors must be full of consideration, can not be arbitrary or follow-up friends. It would be nice if you choose a major that suits your interests because you will enjoy studying. But you also have to consider the prospects of the major you choose, you know. Here are the predictions for the 10 most popular majors in 2023! If you decide to study abroad, you can take these majors into consideration.

Technical Information

More and more programming skills are needed, this department always floods with enthusiasts every year. Informatics Engineering graduates can work as freelancers or in offices, you know. Especially now that there are many startup companies that will definitely need experts in the programming field.

Computer Science

Computer science is the right course for you if you want to learn about computers, including theory and practice about algorithms, programming languages, and operating systems. Graduates of this major are needed in all types of industries, such as transportation, entertainment, to medicine.


Awareness of mental health or mental health is always echoed lately. Interest in psychology is also expected to increase in 2023. This department studies how to examine a person’s thoughts and find the reasons behind his behavior. Some of his specializations are Clinical Psychology, Educational Psychology, Social Psychology, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, and Developmental Psychology.


Health is becoming an increasingly important thing nowadays. It’s no wonder that the Department of Medicine is always crowded with enthusiasts every year, even though the cost of studying in this department is higher than other majors. Do you also want to be a doctor?

Digital Business

The rapid development of technology is currently also penetrated into the business world. So this department has good prospects. Just imagine that all business sectors will definitely need graduates majoring in digital business. Broadly speaking, you will learn how to unlock the potential of technology and learn how to improve business performance using digital platforms. Are you interested?

Communication Studies

This department studies the effective delivery of information through the media. Communication science covers the fields of public relations, journalism, advertising, communication management, broadcasting, and media communication. Given the wide scope of knowledge, it is not surprising that this department is the target of many students. Graduates are needed in every company.

Visual communication design

DKV majors study graphic design in depth for various needs. Career opportunities are also okay, you know. Because nowadays almost all companies must create digital content for example to be uploaded on social media. It is not surprising that DKV is predicted to be one of the majors of interest. This course is suitable for those of you who are creative and have lots of ideas.

Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering majors learn how to design processes that occur in factories, such as designing reactions in reactors to produce the desired product, system using existing resources in factories, and controlling processes. The designed plant can be a chemical, bioprocess, or food plant.

Legal studies

You will learn how to deal with some of the conflicts and problems in modern society and morality. Legal Studies starts with compulsory core courses, then you have the opportunity to choose a legal topic that is tailored to your career path later.

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